Fourscore and seven months ago, the concept of Lincoln's Doggie Delicatessen

emerged in Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of President Abraham Lincoln.  Mom

lost her beloved Rottweiler, Dakota. Despite being fed a vet-recommended high end

kibble, he suffered neurological damage that research indicated was linked to a 

processed diet.  

Although my name is Lincoln, the Deli is actually named for my predecessor (Mom's

first Labradoodle). In jest, Mom refers to me as Lincoln Squared. As a wee pup, the

original Lincoln started shunning his commercially processed pet food, which my doting

parent found alarming. He was also having an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals

and synthetic ingredients in processed food, resulting in countless ear infections and

expensive trips to the veterinarian.


Fortunately, a stranger in an online forum encouraged my mom to try a raw diet for him. Mom knew Iditarod sled dogs ate raw food, but not four-legged family members! The research she found was convincing. Mom's next call was to the breeder, Suzanne at Hawthorne Place Labradoodles, to ascertain her opinion of raw feeding.  Suzanne agreed that raw feeding was indeed best for canines. The gray wolf and domesticated dogs share 99.8% identical DNA. Have you noticed our Swiss Army knife set of teeth?  Dogs ARE carnivores!


Ecstatic doesn't begin to describe Lincoln's reaction to this new delectable fare Mom whipped up in our kitchen! He even earned his own freezer, with “Lincoln's Doggie Delicatessen” emblazoned on the door. That label started as a joke, but made Mom wonder if some day there would be enough other canine companions on a similar quest to provide nutrition as Mother Nature intended. Mom & Suzanne dreamed of one day opening a storefront to ensure other dogs had access to information & nutritious meat, organs, bones, and treats. In the first month of opening the brick-and-mortar Deli, it was apparent we would need a more spacious, permanent location for all the freezers.  That's how the Deli came to be at 2028 South 15th Street in Springfield.   

Keeping with the Presidential naming theme, Reagan joined the Deli Dog pack in December 2017. He is exceptionally lucky because his breeder, Suzanne, agreed to wean all 18 puppies on to raw food starting at 3 weeks of age.  As for me, Lincoln Squared, I joined my pack February 2019...and inherited a Deli named after me! Come visit my Deli to meet Reagan & me!  We would love to shake your paw!


  Lincoln the Labradoodle

Senior Bone Inspector


P.S. Mom often says, “Watching my dogs poo isn’t my favorite pastime...but it’s a solid number two!” When the original Lincoln was kibble fed, he left some impressively large “landmines” in the backyard, requiring twice a week cleanup service. After switching to raw, his clothespin-sized stools were perfectly suitable for building a tiny cabin constructed out of “Lincoln Logs.”  There's just one catch...raw-fed poo disintegrates within a few days, so we will never get enough of a collection to create any structure! Mom says she would feed us raw simply for this perk!

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